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Hey, we're The Pearl Harts

You may have noticed we have been a little quiet for a little bit…

We  kick started 2020 hidden away creating embryonic versions of songs that will become our second album.

As we have all experienced, 2020 hasn’t become the year any of us expected and as Covid-19 takes it hold, we have had to take a new approach to writing our music and being a band while the future of touring looks uncertain.

In the last 3 months we have been writing in our individual homes, getting together a bunch of demos we are really excited about – and we want you to become part of the next stage of our journey as a band.

Through our artist app we will be sharing demos, interviews and previously unseen and unheard media we have collected together over 2020.

We also want you to share with you the first live music we are doing during the Covid-19 period a – series of ‘Gigs In Unusual Spaces’

The first will be live streamed in our app on July 19th at 6pm – and we will be playing a new song that we would love to share will you.

As independent artists we are finding new ways to support and produce our music.

Subscribing to our app will enable us to bring you exclusive content and connection and to fund our music going forward in this uncertain time.

We hope you wanna join us.

Much love, Sara and Kirsty

The Pearl Harts xx

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